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Bespoke furniture design

Mood Moments Indywidualne projekty mebli

Individuality. Everyone has a need to stand out. It is a fact. We are different and unique - and so are our needs and requirements, often very personal and individual.

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Cooperation with manufacturers

You come across a beautiful photo of a luxurious interior.

You are instantly captivated - beautiful furniture, unique lighting, original fabrics... In your mind you see yourself in a new, unique interior. But where to find it all... where to buy it?

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Project supervisor

Inwestor zastępczy

Is Project Supervisor a solution just for you?

You probably associate the term Project Supervisor with the property development market. However, this role is becoming more and more popular when it comes to renovation and interior design of private houses and flats.

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Choice of materials

Choosing equipment and materials for your beloved home... it would seem that this should be the most pleasant stage. And yet, something troubles you, brings doubt. How to choose materials and furnishings that are both beautiful and functional? How to choose those which best suit your project in the multitude of offers? How to coordinate the orders so that everything is on time?

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How can we help you?

The time has come for you to take on the role of Investor, you will have to make decisions, choose contractors and coordinate their work. You also have to make purchases, control the quality of work and materials and many other tasks...

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How is the Design developed?

Why do you need a design if you have everything covered in your head? And yet, it is definitely worth putting the needs, desires and expectations regarding your dream interior on paper. Gather all the ideas, write them down and analyse them, not forgetting about the other members of your household, in order to find the best solutions for your interior...

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What do you get from cooperation with the designers?

We live in a world of specialisation - no one knows everything and that is why we like to use experts in different fields. The design will be like your roadmap, guiding you from the idea to the realisation of the house you want to live in. The designer, like your personal pilot. Together they will provide you with effective navigation to your destination!

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Building? Renovating? Decorating? Typical Investor's Dilemmas

You can finally create the interior of your dreams, yet suddenly you feel overcome with doubt? You are no longer only dreaming about your own home, but you are actually building it... and construction and finishing works turn out to be a huge challenge? Such an undertaking is a complex project, requiring constant control over the schedule and budget... and you may find it overwhelming. If you have any doubts about how to handle it, we are happy to help.

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